What’s it all about? Uh . . .

This is just for fun.

Doug Brendel lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and writes “The Outsidah” as lighthearted commentary on life in small-town New England.

He and his wife Kristina, married since 1987, direct the NewThing.net humanitarian charity in Belarus, in the former USSR. They have 3 children who are pretty cool.

What else can we tell ya? Doug will love hearing from you.

5 thoughts on “What’s it all about? Uh . . .

  1. Enjoyed your old house piece, our super old house (in nearby olde salem village) was part of the witch hysteria, as modern day satanists we enjoy the hauntings we experience weekly.
    Creaking floorboards only add to the mystique when we hold our annual Black Mass weekend.

  2. Loved your Dirty Christmas video. Very relevant and entertaining while putting delightful spin on the nativity story.

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