A Mexican, a Korean, and a bigot walk into a novel


The Outsidah does it again — Somebody, please, make him stop

Praying for Mrs. Mombasa is the title of a reportedly outrageous new novel by Ipswich writer Doug Brendel.

“It’s a rollicking comedy,” Doug says, “not at all like my previous novel” (Pleasure and Power, released in 2019).

“I would describe this as an irreverent look at how hope works. And it messes with our tendency to stereotype people. Among the characters, there’s a Mexican, a Scandinavian, an African, a Korean, and a Samoan, to name a few. I think it’s a pretty funny story, and a bit edgy in places. We’ll see how it goes over. I may have to leave town, who knows?”

Autographed copies of the newly released paperback are now available to area residents exclusively at Betsy Frost Design, 4 Market St., Ipswich.

Doug will be there in person to autograph books from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 19th, the day before Father’s Day.

“Perfect for people scrambling to find a last-minute Father’s Day gift!” Doug says, grinning fiendishly.

  • With each copy of Praying for Mrs. Mombasa, customers will also receive a free autographed copy of Doug’s previous book, Ipswich in Stitches, comprised of amusing “greatest hits” from his popular humor column “The Outsidah.”

(A book launch party will also take place on Friday evening, August 6th, at Personal Best Training Studio in Ipswich. Doug will be reading selections from Praying for Mrs. Mombasa and autographing copies of the book. Watch for more details here at Outsidah.com.)

For those who can’t make a trip to Ipswich to purchase Praying for Mrs. Mombasa, the book is available online at Lulu.com, and will soon be available on Amazon.

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