Pleasure and Power!


My new novel, Pleasure and Power (originally entitled Unintended), is now available in paperback and Kindle editions.

About the book:

Race, sex, and justice…

In 1950, in a world before #MeToo, charming Jake plays fast and loose with the women — until the conservative Alice stops him short. Their romance changes the rogue … or seems to.

On the other side of the tracks, a brain-damaged teen in the “crazy house” delivers a mixed-race baby. Her sister Ruby races to rescue the child — and find the white man who did this.

When the baby brings them all together, each one — Jake, Alice, and Ruby — has secrets to preserve, as they wrestle with rage and fear, doubts and suspicions.

Victims and villains merge and morph in this deeply emotional story of competing and intertwining motives.

Can racism be right? Can sexism be acceptable? Can violence be justified?

Click here for paperback.

Click here for Kindle:



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