A wave of newly homeless families — and then…


This is an email II sent to a number of my friends this week….


I’ll be brief.


I think you know I’ve been serving on the board of directors of Family Promise North Shore Boston.


We’re an interfaith organization dedicated to helping newly homeless families get back on their feet, starting with overnight housing with local congregations, and intensive personal attention from professionals focused on equipping them to get what they need — housing, work, transportation, etc.


It’s a hugely successful program nationwide — 60% of the families are in their own place within 60 days — and it’s critically important now, here on the North Shore, because we have a growing wave of newly homeless families, in the wake of the nation’s economic tumult.


We’re on target to launch this program November 1, but I’m emailing you today to let you know that we’re at a crucial tipping point in our preparations.


We’ve lined up our network of host congregations, we’ve hired a fulltime director, we’ve arranged for a “day center” facility as a heart of our operation, we’re building a network of volunteers, and we’ve applied for several foundation grants.


But grants alone won’t meet the need — We need every concerned friend on the North Shore to support this effort with a tax-deductible contribution now. $100 could enroll two parents in job training. $50 will provide school supplies for 40 children in our care. $250 covers a day’s shelter, meals, and counseling for five families.


And a contribution to Family Promise produces a 3-to-1 return, because the value of lodging and meals is so huge. (Last year, the state of Massachusetts spent $29 million putting people in motels.)


Whatever you can give immediately will help enormously, and will be greatly appreciated.

You can give online by visiting http://www.FamilyPromiseNSB.org … Choose “Get in Touch” and use the Donate button.


Or you could make a check to Family Promise North Shore Boston and mail it to Family Promise North Shore Boston P.O. Box 191, Beverly, MA 01915.


(And you can donate stocks directly, which can help at tax time when it comes to capital gains.)


Family Promise is a proven-effective strategy, and a wonderful way for us to reach out with compassion to neighbors in need here on the North Shore. Please be a part of it.

Of course if you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks so much.


Doug Brendel




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