Tweets from Down Under

  • Pls help me. Tweeting this from the bottom of a pothole on Linebrook Rd. Just fell in. Only have 140 characters 2 ask 4 help. Send help!
  • Embarrassed! Normally I can dodge the potholes pretty well. Knew I should have bought a bigger car. This little subcompact dropped right in!
  • Pls call Ipswich police: Local (& his car) stranded in pothole. Pls do NOT call pothole repair team! If they fill this in b4 I get out, oy!
  • No offense 2 Ipswich pothole repair guys! They’re good. Just overworked? Unique Ipswich soil composition maybe eats asphalt? Holes happen!
  • Sending help? Tow truck? Maybe find someone with a well: bring whatever they lower in2 it when they accidentally drop something in. Please!
  • Drop me a sandwich? Wait – never mind – found granola bar in glove box. Same texture as asphalt! Possibly more durable. Suggest @ Town Mtg?
  • Tapping noise! Good I learned Morse code in school. Motorcyclist stranded next pothole over. Went in 3/18. Wow, 76 days. Wait, my bad: 2010
  • Not worried. Sure someone will realize I’m missing & come looking. @ worst, eventually this pothole will show up on Google Earth, I’m sure
  • When/if I get out, no way I’ll ever lv home again w/o rope & hook. Note 2 self: study Princess Bride cliff-climbing scene (“I hate 2 wait”)
  • Rescue soon? Not complaining. My own fault, assum’g the entire road was 4 driving on! Always a challenge tho, deciding: veer? or straddle?
  • Cars going over – more straddlers than veerers I think. Im safe: 25mph speed limit along here, so theyre doing abt 40. SAILING over my hole!
  • Actually pretty roomy down here. Add nice fence @ edges up top, this could be considered real estate. Increase tax base? Idea 4 Town Mtg?
  • Moving 2 New Eng, didnt foresee pothole situation. My bad. Colonials won by hiding from British regulars – where? how? Like this, obviously
  • Real estate idea could really work: “Live IN Ipswich!” Problem: poor cell reception down here. If u r getting these Tweets tho, WIFI is fine
  • Exploring edges of pothole. Maybe not *the* biggest pothole Ive ever seen, but judging by echo, pretty big. Possibly its own weather system
  • Stranded in pothole, plenty of time 2 think. Saw pothole repair team working last wk, waved & smiled @ them. Probly should have given gifts?
  • Hope springs eternal. Trying 2 remember weather forecast 4 this wk. Praying 4 rain. Car will be a total loss but @ least I can swim 2 shore



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